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  1. World's Terrible Custom Font's History

    Even if you're not the sort of person who cares about print fonts - honestly I'm baffled by the rather passionate arguments over why this sans serif font is better, or why this font has certain superior qualities - we can all generally agree that a certain few fonts are awful. Comic Sans for example has ascended to a level of hatred that's hard to imagine for what is simply just a way of depicting the alphabet. Papyrus is another font that gets a bad rep, and for rather good reason, but who created it? And why?


    1. Choose fonts that match branding.
    2. Prioritise legibility for readability.
    3. Consider emotion and context.


    An Unpopular Font

    Papyrus was created by Chris Costello. Born in the

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  2. Re-Using Promotional Item Boxes

    When it comes to promotional products, we deliver Australia wide. Thousands of orders, from dozens of warehouses, sent out to locations all over the country...  Of course, that means quite a bit of shipping.All our orders are sent out in cardboard boxes and many of you may have received a stack of said cardboard boxes over the years. So what do you do once you've received and unpackaged your boxes? Well, recycling or reusing would be the best option, but I doubt any of those would be quite as fun as this. One team of enterprising office workers decided to create a cardboard castle in their office, and the effects are as amusing as they are incredible.


    • An office team built a cardboard castle using panels and hot glue, showcasing a creative way to reuse promotional item boxes.
    • Reusing promotional boxes can be done through storage, gift packaging, crafts, and more, benefiting the environment and maximizing their use.
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  3. Tasmania Missing From Aussie Branded Merchandise

    Poor Tasmania. Our Southern cousins get a bit of a raw deal. Aside from all the unpleasant rural jokes at their expense, they have an unfortunate tendency to be forgotten when it comes to depictions of the Australian landmass. Case in point, a line of Australia Day Branded Merchandise that Woolworths were selling. A line of caps that had Australia branded on the crown. Caps that were lacking Tasmania. Ouch.

    The Forgotten State

    Needless to say a number of Tasmanians weren't impressed, and Woolworths has said that they'd withdraw the caps from sale. But it's not the first or even the most unfortunate time that Tasmania has been literally left off the map.

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  4. Solve this Rubik's Puzzle Game

    There's just something cool about Rubik's Cubes. That simple shape, those bright colours, that fiendish puzzle solving. Invented in the 1970's it's still one of the most recognisable and enduring puzzle toys around. It works great as a puzzle toy but even if you never solve it, it's still a rather cool looking decoration. Which is pretty much exactly what it will be if you can't solve it. Now for most the standard 3x3x3 is already very difficult to solve, but can you imagine larger? Each new layer adds more variations. But how large can you go? Well, one company has just crafted their own 22x22x22 cube, and I can't even imagine how long it'd take to solve.

    A Giant Puzzle for Big Brains and Bigger Hands

    Custom created using a 3D printer, with 20cm long edges, featuring 2691 moving parts, and having

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  5. Turnball's Awkward Corporate Pen Gift

    When it comes to gift giving, presentation counts. Certainly a luxury corporate pen gift, regardless of how finely crafted and sharply designed it is, requires some classy packaging to help give it more impact. Could you imagine it? Being given a loose pen straight from someone's pocket? Aside from probably leaving ink everywhere, it's hardly the most impressive sight when receiving a gift. Rather unfortunately for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball, a loose pen and a pocket full of ink might have been the better option.

    It's the thought that counts...

    Last week when Prime Minister Turnball

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