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  1. Back to the Future - Promotional Mason Jars

    What is old again is new again. Nothing descirbes this better than the fact that 2013 was the year of the Mason Jar! One wonders how a mason jar which was first patented and invented in 1858 in America has become a popular hit product for Gen Y (and hip Gen X'ers). I mean its just a jam jar right?

    Mason Jars are the surprise hit product this year. Instead of mugs many clients of ours have opted to use mason jars! These retro looking products typically can hold a lot more content (soups, tea, coffee, soft drink) than your typical mug. Couple that with the fact that they can be used lid on (with a straw) or lid off like a regular cup.

    Promotional Branded Mason Jars

    We have Mason jars that are made from both glass and ones that are made from plastic. The plastic ones are obviously perfect for primary school children, whilst glass ones are great for use around the office and home. We can personalise logos onto Mason Jar Tumblers and they look absolutely amazing:

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  2. 5 Essential Custom Branded Iphone Accessories

    I thought I share with you the top absolute essential accessories for your Iphone. You see I recently purchased an Iphone outright (it is cheaper if you calculate the total cost over a period of time) and as soon as I turned on the handset I realised that it is going to need a few accessories in order for me to maximise the amount of enjoyment I get out of it. So first thing I did was to go through our own catalogue of Smartphone related promotional accessories and picked out the ones that are absolute essentials. I am sure virtually everyone that has an Iphone will need these products. So in no particular order here are the top essential accessories:

    Portable Power Charger

    Iphones can do a lot of things. Unfortunately their powerdrain on batteries is so large that it is unlike any other device I have ever owned. Power users would be lucky to get 2 days worth of battery juice. We have this particular product that is a portable battery that plugs into your computer for

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  3. Are Women More Superficial Than Men?

    Women are more superficial than men- are they? From Hollywood to across the road, women care about appearance way much more than men. In shopping centres or on streets, the number of shops selling products specially for women are more than the ones for men, not to mention other services such as facial, manicuring, tanning, hair extension, wax, plastic surgery that enhance beauty. I'm sure hormone plays some sort of role in this matter, but is this purely because of women's nature? Is the existence of these shops and services really demand-driven?

    Negative. I also blame the society who has nurtured women with this nature. Here's one very common phenomenon that explains:

    In the article 'The best ice-breakers for girls' published on today's Daily Life under The Sydney Morning Herald website author K. Edwards talks about what she's experienced in a shopping centre where she brings her daughter for a photo shooting with the Santa. This year what she wants for Christmas

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  4. Why Do We Toast at Celebrations?

    The party season is upon us. Shortly there would be New Years, followed in quick succession with Easter and between there are going to be more than a few weddings as well. In other words, there are going to be a lot of speeches, and there are going to be a lot of toasts. Milestones, achievements and celebrations with wine glasses raised and clinks. However have you ever wondered why we raise a glass of alcohol after and during speeches? Apparently giving toasts has been the thing to do at celebrations for hundreds of years. Ancient cultures from Persia, Egypt, China has documented toasts that have been around for literally thousands of years.

    So Why Did We Start Toasting?

    There are many ideas where toasting started

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  5. Macca's Food Packaging Over Time

    Remember the old McDonalds packaging with the styrofoam burger boxes and now modern day paper boxes? Food packaging has evolved over the decades and how they are presented is just as important as the content itself. Packaging sells and speaks to the consumer. It’s an important part of marketing that explains the content, and visually drives our sense of want and buy. As a fast-food chain, McDonald’s is the world's largest by revenue. Thanks to,  we can take a trip down memory lane at how a dominant player like McDonald’s have evolved over the years with its food packaging.


    1. Packaging impacts consumer perception & value.
    2. Choose branded packaging for differentiation.
    3. Consider eco-friendly packaging options.

    Food Packaging in the Past

    60's Hot Apple Pie, 70's Chicken McNuggets,

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  6. Worst Christmas Gifts Ever!

    So there is plenty around that will tell you what’s the best Christmas gift idea this Christmas for kids, men, and women through TV ads, catalogues, and reviews and forums. But who’s going to let you know what definitely NOT to buy?

    Thanks for the UK Telegraph we came across what is seemingly the Worst Christmas Gift possible this year so we can all avoid giving or getting them this year.

    Only Fools and Horses Adult Fleece Robe – (AUD 46.86) I’d say I agree that’s definitely not what I want for Christmas! It’s a dressing gown designed to look like sheep skin... Hmmm..

    Silly Sock Sandals, (AUD12.58)

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  7. Super Sized Rubik's Cube

    Last week I blogged about promotional puzzles and how we came across traditional board games turned super small. This week we’ve discovered in Linz, Austria, there was a Rubik’s Cube turned super gigantic!

    Thanks to Javier Lloret, and his project Puzzle Facade, the Ars Electronica’s media facade turned into a real life mega sized Rubik’s cube back in Oct 2013. This mega sized Rubik’s interacts with players via a handheld interface cube. At any one time the player can only see 2 sides of the cube thus making the solving this already difficult puzzle more puzzling. (Though rest assured, according to the project it is solvable!)

    I don’t stand a chance in solving just a normal Rubik’s so I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to solve this one in Austria either! However just seeing the building transformed into bright lights and watching another person transform each panel would be pretty spectacular thing itself.

    Here are some images courtesy of Daily Mail UK’s recent article

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  8. On Sale LG Curved Display Phones

    It is finally available. Mobile smartphones that have a curved surface. We are always interested in new technologies because it is our job to come up with really cool promotional phone cases that keep up to date with the latest handsets.

    1. LG curved phones are flexible and durable.
    2. Curved screen phones have advantages.
    3. Custom branded phone cases increase exposure.

    This particular model by LG is the most interesting design we have seen in a long long time. Even compared with the Apple 5s device this LG model is something special. Why? Well for starters it is not only curved but it is also flexible. This would render most cases and covers obsolete, unless they can flex with the phone. There are also many other aspects of this phone that makes it totally unique. Allow me

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  9. Promotional Games

    As a kid, I use to enjoy a not so well known game called "Holiday" and the popular Monopoly, Uno and Chinese Checkers with my sibblings.  For some reason, I always wanted the game Twisters, even though I may have only actually played it once or twice in my life so far.  For some reason, the TV ads with the big family and friends scene of squealing and laughter made it seem so appealing and fun!

    Nowadays, we encourage our kids to play the board games traditionally, but the temptation of the computerised version makes it so much more easily assessible. Many of the traditional games are now available on your iPad, Nintendo Wii, Playstation and Xbox (eg Scrabble, Monopoly and Uno on iPad with just a click of a button - less couple dollars).

    Brandable Promotional Games

    If you want to bring back of those happy memories to your staff or clients, we have these promotional board games that may spark some interest:

    Promotional 6 In 1 Game Set -

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  10. Sydney Martin Place Christmas Tree

    Nothing says Christmas in Sydney more than the Martin Place Christmas Tree. I am the first to admit, the Christmas Tree in the past 3 years have been very ordinary displays. Yes, the tree in the past has been just as tall (seemingly close to 4 floors high) however the decorations and the effort that went into past efforts was sadly lacking.

    EPIC Christmas Tree Martin Place

    It is with much joy therefore to report that this years effort is absolutely "Epic," It is just as tall as previous efforts which is marvelous in itself. However the tree has much much more lights and decorations. In fact someone decided it was a good idea to not only light up the tree but to also place a gigantic wrap around LCD monitor around it.... just like a gigantic ribbon.

    Text Your Message to the Tree

    The LED display is not just there to add pretty colours though. With a simple text message you can send a short message which will then be displayed at the base of the tree on

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