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  1. Most Popular Conference Candies

    When it comes to tradeshows and industry expos, one thing is for certain: promotional conference candies are an absolute must-have. Not only is it incredibly affordable, but it also holds a universal appeal that can charm even the most stoic attendee. In light of this collective fondness for all things sweet, it comes as no surprise that certain types of conference candy have truly risen to the top as crowd favourites. So, let's delve into the world of these sugary delights and explore the most popular conference candies that will undoubtedly elevate your next event.


    1. Popular conference candies attract attendees.
    2. Choose beloved childhood favourites for success.
    3. Candy promotes brand identity and captivates.

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  2. Tips on Choosing a Branded Umbrella

    Tips on Choosing a Branded Umbrella

    Have you noticed this year compared to the past 5 years its been really raining a lot? I can vaguely remember a long time ago that we had a national drought which caused a lot of grief for our Aussie farmers which lead to a lot of our fruit and vegetables sky rocket in price not to mention the strange erratic water restrictions placed on us. This year however its been raining all the time. It therefore comes as no surprise that Umbrellas which were once an average selling promotional product compared to others are now one of our top sellers. Umbrellas come in all sorts of shapes and sizes as well as colour. They all function the same of course being to shelter you from rain however different umbrellas will suit different occassions. The finish of the umbrella will also determine how often it is used as well. The small differences will determine if your umbrella branded with your logo

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  3. Promotional Bags

    Promotional Bags

    Promotional Bags are everywhere and at no other time have they been as popular as they are now. It's not just gym's that use bags branded with their logo but companies ranging from Law firms to plumbers are now alos using bags which are emblazoned with their logo. The range of promotional bags are absolutely huge. There are non woven bags and calico bags suitable for conferences through to back sacks and satchels for daily use. Duffle bags are beginning to become extremely popular with many companies too.

    One thing to consider when using a bag branded with your logo as a corporate or customer gift is that the size of the bag and the way it looks and feels will determine not just how often it will be used but also in what context. For most people they will typically utilize a minimum of 4 different types of bags which broadly fit 4 different categories of uses. If you are thinking of using a bag for with

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  4. Creative Promo Items At Colourful Events

    I'm just skimming the list of events that are happening in the month of May. Everything from Mothers day through to dozens of disease awareness campaigns as well as community issues such as domestic violence or financial literacy days are happening in the month of May all around Australia. Some of the issues tackled and raised by these groups are very serious indeed. However some of the most heaviest themes and issues are best communicated via fun and even comedy. By making something funny it is almost a resolute stand to make a point that those issues cant take down the human spirit. Laughing in the face of adversity in other words.


    1. Engage with fun and humour.
    2. Choose colours and motifs wisely.
    3. Consistent branding for maximum impact.


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  5. What Are Stress Toys Made Of?

    We know promotional stress balls are heaps of fun! They aren't really for kids (at least i dont think so). You see most stressballs are thrown around the office. They aren't used for squeezing for when you are distressed. The most value comes when they are just tossed around for fun with team mates at work. This explains why our number 1 selling stressball is a round shape. Our number 2 best seller is also a round shape (being a soccer shaped stressball) whilst the number 3 best selling stress toy we have is simply a footy shaped one! Stressballs should be called chuck balls!


    1. Stress toys are polyurethane foam creations.
    2. They offer fun and versatile promotional value.
    3. Customisation enhances brand recall and recognition.

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  6. Mousepads

    Mousepads have always been one of our top selling promotional products. Any company will benefit with having mousepads with their own custom logos within their arsenal of marketing tools. Why? Simply put mousepads have an area for branding which is simply an unbeatable size. Combined with the fact that a mousepad has to be used within arms length and you have a combination of marketing exposure unlike any other. The most important thing when using a mousepad for your promotional use though is design. You would want to ensure you have a creatively fun graphic or image to make it appeal to a user to use it everyday. Simply having your logo on a plain mouse pad with your telephone number is fine however to really make it an excellent marketing item why not place some really smart caption or perhaps a beautiful photograph. Better still come up with some original graphics and really work on the colour to make it spot on and appeal to a user. Mousepads are really one of only a few products

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  7. End Of Financial Year Promotional Products

    The Shops are beginning to be on SALE.... that only means 1 thing and that is the end of financial year is nearing once again.

    Wow that has been a quick year! Can you believe the end of the financial year is fast approaching once again?

    For businesses (ourselves included of course) its been quite turbulent for some and smooth sailing for others. If your year has been anything like mine it has been full of highs and lows thankfully more highs though.This time of the year is always slightly more stressful than the other 10 months of the year and we are always glad to see the back of it once again. Although we are saying goodbye to one financial year we are also saying hello to a new financial year and one thing high on the agenda is making sure plans and provisions are in place that next year is as successful as the last. You need to ensure you have a sufficient budget in place to ensure your marketing suite is fully stocked and ready to go once again. But one big question

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  8. 5 Reasons to Stock Promotional Items

    If you run a company, whether it's a big shot or a start-up, then you need promotional items. It's essential as no business can survive without customers. You may be lucky enough to be in an industry where you have a panel of customers in which case a nice corporate gift from time to time would be a nice gesture of appreciation. Or you may need to advertise in order to attract clients. Having promotional items emblazoned with your logo is as essential as business cards as it gives you a lot of flexibility. Here are top five reasons why you need promotional items simply in storage for when you need them.


    • Stock promotional items for flexibility.
    • Increase brand exposure with variety.
    • Maximise marketing impact through shareable content.

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