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  1. Promote Your Brand With Coffee Beans

    Roasted coffee beans around a bag of custom branded Merlo beans

    According to market research by McCrindle, 75% of Australians surveyed drink at least one cup of coffee a day. Whether you love the rich, flavourful taste of a cup of joe or you're just chasing a caffeine hit, nothing compares to a freshly brewed coffee at home, in the office, or on the move. We've been selling personalised mugs in Australia for years but haven't had any promotional coffee to pair with them. Until now, that is! Today on the blog, we'll be looking at our new branded coffee products and just how useful they can be when promoting your brand or event Down Under.

    Real Coffee, Customised

    Cubic Promote now stocks authentic Merlo brand coffee beans in custom bags, ideal for pairing with mugs, cups, and coffee presses. We chose to sell promotional coffee beans

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  2. Antigen Rapid Tests Available for Preorder

    Antigen Rapid Tests Available for Preorder

    Note: As at 6th of April 2023, our Antigen Rapid Tests are stocked products and pre-order is not neccessary.


    Since the inception of Cubic Promote, our team has consistently worked to provide in-demand items during difficult times and the pandemic has been no exception. Due to our long-standing connections in manufacturing, we have been able to supply bulk face masks and hand sanitisers around the country, and now we can supply your organisation with affordable Antigen Rapid Tests in February 2022.

    Why Rapid Tests?

    Antigen Rapid Tests are some of the most sought after products in Australia at the moment, with high COVID-19 numbers across much of the nation, we all want to know whether we're unwell or not. PCR testing (where you

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  3. New Bulk Protective Sneeze Guards

    Cubic Promote has heard your requests and is introducing a range of products for personal protection that still boast the same levels of quality customisation you've come to expect from our Aussie business. The first product in this range is our easy-to-setup and easy-to-move acrylic sneeze guard or personal protective screen.

    Presenting the Latest Personal Protection Screens by Cubic Promote

    Cubic Promote's innovative personal protection screens provide an excellent solution for preserving a secure and sanitary environment for both clients and employees. These screens are not only fashionable, cost-effective, and adaptable, but they also feature Cubic Promote's bespoke customization, allowing businesses to showcase their message or logo on each protective barrier. Owing to their effortless assembly and transportability, these screens

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  4. Personalised Gifts for Fast Food Customers

    Chili's is a popular restaurant chain in the US featuring burgers, steaks, seafood, and pizza all under one roof. Although the chain is popular as an eat-in destination, the company has avoided embracing the trend towards delivery app options due to their logistic concerns. They seem to have finally broken through that last obstacle, however, because now Chili's is partnering with the delivery service DoorDash and there's plenty of celebratory gifts fo US consumers to go 'round.


    1. Personalised gifts boost customer engagement.
    2. Tailor gifts to reflect brand values.
    3. Surprise customers with unique packaging.



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  5. New Products Sep 2019

    We are releasing a lot of new products in September 2019. Have a look at these unique products. Do any of these appeal to you? We purposely chose to bring products to you that are both functional, appealing, and where possible eco-friendly angle. These products hopefully should resonate strongly with you and your guests.

    Products with a Bamboo Angle

    Do you like Bamboo? We do! Bamboo is fantastic, as no two pieces of Bamboo will ever be the same. The Bamboo has a smooth wood grain that looks spectacular. Bamboo is sometimes mistaken for wood (which is a good thing). Another awesome facts about Bamboo are that it is a renewable material. Bamboo is also extremely light. Some of the bamboo products we have released this month include:

    • Bamboo pens = are eco-friendly writing tools that can be personalized with your brand logo or message
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  6. Printed Plastic McDonald's Cups in Japan

    Mcdonalds in Japan has come up with a great idea to attract younger customers to its restaurants. Its latest marketing idea is to use promotional cups with cute images of a young couple in love. The images look great, except for one little amusing issue. Read on to find out more.


    1. Innovative designs captivate audiences.
    2. Controversial marketing tactics generate buzz.
    3. Memorable promotions extend brand reach.


    New Soft Drinks in New Cups

    So Mcdonalds Japan is releasing a new soft drink. The drink in question is called the McFizz soft drink. Visually they look amazing, especially when presented in clear plastic printed cups. The soft drink features an attractive colour that is darker towards the bottom.


    When a customer drinks from the cup, the image

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  7. Promotional Golf Balls: Cheap vs Pricey

    There are cheap golf balls, and there are pricey ones. What is the difference between them? Surely they are all the same right? Well, it is true that golf balls function all in the same way. If you are serious about golfing though, you would want something that is at a higher price. I'll cover why in this blog post today.


    1. Balance performance and affordability.
    2. Consider spin, control, and durability when selecting.
    3. Match the golf ball to your skill level and budget.


    Cheap vs Expensive Golf Balls

    Let's start by looking at golfing equipment in general. Essentially golf requires only two pieces of equipment. A set of clubs, which you will interchange

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  8. Why You need a Paper Promotional Notebook?

    Richard Branson said about paper notebooks. "Note taking is one of my favourite pastimes. I can’t tell you where I’d be if I hadn’t had a pen on hand to write down my ideas (or more importantly, other people's) as soon as they came to me. Some of Virgin’s most successful companies have been born from random moments – if we hadn't opened our notebooks, they would never have happened." A paper notebook is more relevant today than at any point in time in history even though digital Applications and screens dominate our everyday life. I'll explain why here:

    Firstly The Technical Argument

    Paper notebooks are more reliable than any software or hardware. Your tablet or smartphone can:
    - run out of batteries
    - not be in reception
    - be prone to software crashing

    Secondly The Health Argument

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  9. Latest Fashion: Branded Hi-Vis Clothing

    If you've seen any fashion shows this year you might be forgiven for thinking you were at a construction site -- workwear is now the height of fashion. Whether it be comfortable slacks featuring a reflective stripe, or a fully reflective sweater akin to those you see on construction workers, logo branded hi-vis clothing is now the preferred streetwear look.


    1. Hi-vis clothing increases brand visibility.
    2. Customisation options include embroidery and screen printing.
    3. Hi-vis clothing is versatile and cost-effective.



    Doubles as Casual Wear

    2017 saw more high-end fashion labels utilising vibrant neon items inspired by the safety wear

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  10. Top Promotional Products for Spring 2017

    We're almost at the end of August which means September is just around the corner and with it, spring. We've got some great new products in stock at Cubic Promote just in time for the change of the seasons. Check out some of our most popular and cost effective promotional products for Spring 2017 below!

    Best Selling New Promotional Products for Australians

    Here at Cubic Promote, we love it when a new season brings in a great new range of cheap and cheerful products, especially when they're an instant hit with our clientele! All the products featured here are brand new to our extensive range and stocked ready to brand with your custom design. If any of these cool new marketing goodies catch your eye, contact our sales team for immediate pricing. Let's get started...!

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