Monthly Archives: September 2020

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  1. New! King Mist Surface Disinfectant Spray

    If you're looking for an Australian made, owned, and formulated disinfectant that kills bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19) on multiple surfaces, you can't beat King Mist. Cubic Promote is proud to stock this innovative 500ml spray as it compliments our range of existing household products. Learn more about why King Mist is a fantastic choice for keeping your home or office germ-free.

    How King Mist Works to Keep You Safe

    King Mist is a simple and highly effective product that doesn't require any complicated procedures in order to work. Simply spray the disinfectant solution onto surfaces and let it do its job. Made with essential oil-based active ingredients, this unique formula penetrates deep into the crevices of surfaces to destroy germs

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  2. eBay's 25th Anniversary Promo Swag

    This one might make you feel a bit old -- turns out 2020 is actually the 25th year that eBay has been in operation. Can you believe it? People from all over the world have been selling gear and making a buck via the eBay auction site for a quarter of a century!


    eBay has spent the past 25 years connecting buyers and sellers across the globe. As the e-commerce giant celebrates its silver anniversary, it's pulling out all the stops with an unforgettable collection of promotional items that pays homage to its rich history and loyal community. Obviously, an anniversary like this deserves some limited-edition marketing merchandise and today we're checking it out.

    Branded Merchandise for a Popular Website

    While eBay is an

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  3. Logo Branded Fitness Gear from Cubic

    Struggling to come up with a theme for your next marketing campaign? Why not focus on promoting healthy lifestyle choices and fitness activities with Cubic Promote's extensive range of athletic accessories that come branded with your logo design. You don't need to be a gym owner or sports club member to enjoy these promotional products either, whatever your industry fitness items make wonderful gifts.

    Promoting Health and Fitness With Cubic

    Right now, some of our best-selling products are those in the personalised fitness equipment category because as lockdowns start to be lifted, Aussies are returning to their regular workout routines. If you'd like to get your staff to consider healthy lifestyle choices, if you're promoting a sporting event, or if you simply want to give your organisation an active image

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  4. Avocado Themed Promotional Products

    California is known for its delicious avocados, but with recent wildfires and cheap import options from Mexico, the industry there has suffered. However, a new marketing push with an emphasis on vibrant promotional products like promotional apparel, duffel bags, towels and more has started to inject new life into the industry.


    Promotional products featuring an avocado theme are a fun way

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  5. New Full-Colour Promotional Notebooks

    One of our consistent best-sellers over the years has been promotional notebooks featuring unique logo branding. While single colour pad prints are the most cost-effective branding method for getting your logo onto a notebook, this week Cubic Promote has introduced some very affordable new notebooks featuring full-colour printing over the book covers.

    Why Choose Full-Colour Decorated Notebooks?

    Single colour prints on notebooks serve a purpose, but sometimes it is important to convey a colourful design or perhaps even a photograph. That's where full-colour printed notebooks come in handy. There's no need to compromise on colours or styles when you order a full-colour notebook, all your design will be replicated

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  6. When to Choose Laser Engraving

    Laser engraving is an important decoration technique that involves etching your design directly into the surface of promotional products. But sometimes it can be tough to decide between printing and laser engraving -- when should you choose the latter and when should you opt for the former? Today we're looking into it on the Cubic Promote blog!


    1. Choose laser engraving for durability and style.
    2. Laser engraving excels with intricate designs.
    3. Consider limitations: surfaces and colour options.


    What is Laser Engraving?

    Laser engraving is a popular branding technique where a high-powered last light is used to remove the top layer

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  7. Affordable Custom Gift With Purchase Ideas

    Regardless of industry, sometimes it can be tough picking tip-on gifts or present-with-purchase ideas that not only make your brand look good, but also won't break the bank. While we've recently covered some cheap promotional giveaways, today we're looking specifically at gifts that partner well with purchases or consultations to help build your brand recognition. Keen to learn more? Keep reading below!

    Boosting Brand Identity Using Promotional Products

    Promotional products have become an essential aspect of most businesses' marketing strategies. By utilizing these items that feature a company's logo, name or message, businesses can acquire new customers, retain existing ones and create brand

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  8. Custom Decorated Fast Food Products

    Panda Express is one of the biggest US-style Chinese food chains in America, boasting over 2200 locations across the country. With restaurants like Whataburger and McDonalds releasing eye-catching promotional merchandise ranges, it makes sense that a franchise as big as Panda Express would join in at some point. The new online Panda Express promotional swag shop is full of fun items that will no doubt impress fans of fast food the world over.

    Promotional Merchandise from Panda Express

    Panda Express is

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  9. Why Use Logo Branded Clothing?

    Clothing featuring unique promotional slogans, logos, and designs remain some of our best-selling choices when it comes to marketing merchandise. Whether it's summer or winter, a school or a bank, logo branding clothing (and headwear!) makes an impact with audiences Australia-wide. That's why today we're checking out why customised clothing is such a great promotional merchandise choice for local businesses and groups.


    1. Logo branded clothing = walking billboard.
    2. Custom clothing offers creative opportunities.
    3. Foster team spirit with branded apparel.


    Why Apparel Is A Great Promotional Item

    Clothing = A Walking Billboard

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  10. Promotional Solo Cup Swag

    The Solo Cup is an iconic piece of Americana, a red disposable plastic cup commonly associated with parties and seen throughout US movies focused on college life. Later came the Jazz Cup (Solo Jazz) a 90s patterned retro drinking cup that has become popular in its own right alongside the traditional Solo Cup. Now American consumers can own cool branded merchandise featuring designs based on these two pieces of drinkware and help a charitable cause at the same time.

    Custom Decorated Promo Items

    When the makers of Solo and Jazz Cups started working with a new creative agency, they decided to embrace a marketing angle the famous cup producer had never tried before; promotional products! This lead to an online store launch and a range of quirky merchandise decorated

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