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  1. We Love Hearing From You

    Here at Cubic Promote we appreciate feedback from our clients and Google Reviews are a great way to let us know your thoughts. If you've had a fantastic experience purchasing promotional items with our customer care team, or if you've had any issues arise during your order, we want to know!

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    Customer Feedback Helps Us Improve

    At Cubic Promote, we want to make sure that our customers are always happy with the products and services we offer. That's why we ask for customer reviews and feedback! If there's anything you love or don't like about what we're doing, let us know – your opinion is important to us. Your feedback helps us improve our service and ensure that every experience y

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  2. Merchandise for a Supermarket?

    Yes, supermarkets are also businesses. Which means, they need promotional merchandise as much as anyone else. They also need uniforms, too, as we all know.

    promotional sippy cup

    Uniforms as Promo Merch

    It never ceases to amuse me, but using official uniforms as promotional merchandise, or nowadays as streetwear is most amusing. It was hot a year ago when food delivery jackets were considered stylish apparel for streetwear.

    This effort by a business called "Publix" is offering, what seems like supermarket apparel for staff, as official merchandise available for fans. Do you want to look like you work in a Supermarket? If so, then this is the merchandise

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  3. Merchandise for the Kids

    Here is another excellent example of promotional merchandise, created just for kids. This particular effort is from a burger chain in America. They have created a range of rather cute apparel range amongst other items aimed specifically at children. Check them out, and let me know what you think.

    kids hoodie

    Merchandise for the Young

    Promotional products for young people has always been a fabulous way to market and reach out to your fans and guests. Parents will love the fact that the merchandise on offer is useful, and the kids will love the designs, provided that a bit of thought had gone into it.

    This particular effort by a burger chain called Portillos is worthy of mention. Check out the excellent products available. Diners can purchase these, as well, they can be purchased separately online as well.

    Goods on Offer

    So what type of products are

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  4. Evolution of the Promotional Highlighter

    A highlighter is a felt tip pen that dispenses a vibrant bright ink. We are all familiar with the fluro yellows, pinks, greens, and blues that highlighters typically produce. The highlighter has evolved over time. The current promotional highlighters perform higher and more consistently than ever before.

    Pastel Coloured Highlighters

    The Colorful Journey: Tracing the Evolution of Highlighters

    The story of highlighters begins in the early 1960s when the first-ever felt-tip highlighter was invented by Dr. Frank Honn, a chemist working for Carter's Ink Company. Dubbed the "highlighter," this revolutionary pen featured a unique ink that was transparent yet brightly colored, allowing users to emphasize text without obscuring it. The

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  5. How Does Hand Sanitiser Work?

    Superbugs, antibiotic resistance, serious infections, that's what is in store this cold season this year in Australia 2019. I'm being dramatic here of course. It is not that scary. Regardless, it does make sense to take good care of yourself through the use of promotional branded hand sanitisers. How do they work though? Are they genuinely effective in killing germs?

    Small White Hand Sanitiser Bottle

    How Do Hand sanitisers Work?

    Hand sanitisers, such as the ones we stock within our range (our promotional hand sanitisers), work by killing bacteria cells. The bacteria cells are directly killed by isopropanol alcohol, which is a unique concentrated type of alcohol for rubbing onto skin. This alcohol is extremely useful in killing

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  6. KFC Custom Merchandise for True Fans

    I have bad news and good news for lovers of Fried Chicken. You can now show your love for all things fried golden and crispy through KFC. The bad news? Sadly this is only available if you live in Canada. Someone, please tell me why we cannot get cool custom merchandise of your favourite fried chicken items in Australia?

    No Longer a Novelty

    Custom branded merchandise is no longer a mere novelty. In fact, promotional items are neither merely to promote awareness or marketing anymore. In many businesses, there are genuine fans who want to be part of your brand. The easiest way to do this for them is through merchandise.

    KFC Canada

    In Canada, KFC has launched a cheeky and stylish range of merch! All the merchandise, feature colours and motifs which are associated with KFC. The silhouette of Colonel Sanders, the Red White colours as well as glorious images of golden brown crusts.

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  7. Who Invented Ponchos?

    A poncho is sometimes referred to as a raincoat. Everyone uses raincoats, and nowadays there are both reusable and disposable ponchos and raincoats. Where did raincoats come from though? Who invented raincoats and ponchos? I have the answer here; please read on!


    • Ponchos, originating from South America, have transformed into a modern raincoat alternative that offers versatility, style, and practicality.
    • Modern ponchos provide numerous benefits, including easy use, comfort, portability, and environmentally friendly options.
    • Promotional ponchos are popular in various settings, such as homes, offices, and outdoor sporting arenas.

    History of Raincoats

    The origin of using an article of clothing to keep you dry when the rain begins to fall is in China. In ancient China, the first raincoats were made from rather primitive materials, including straw and bamboo. These types

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  8. Promotional Reusable Cup Benefits

    Promotional reusable coffee cups such as the popular brand "Keepcups," and generic reusable Coffee cups are fast becoming the most popular product in Australia right now. There are many benefits to having a cup that is reusable. The most important benefit of course, is the environmental benefits. Here are the top reasons and benefits on why reusable cups are so important.


    1. Reusable cups reduce waste, promote sustainability.
    2. Incorporate reusable cups for maximum impact.
    3. Promotional cups are eco-friendly marketing.


    reusable coffee cups

    Why Use Re-usable Promotional Coffee Cups?


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  9. Emmy Awards Free Gift Bag Contents

    The worlds most incredible free gift bag at a trade show has to be at the Emmy Awards. (lets face it.... the Emmy Awards really is a trade show for TV... albeit one with a lot of glamour). This year 2016 the Emmy show bag is worth a staggering $73,287 Australian dollars. So what is in it this year? Well check out the contents below:


    Whats in The Freebie Bag?

    • Well to start off with we have the flashy $10,000 pen which comes in handy when the celebs need to do a quick autograph on the #Redcarpet especially Jimmy Kimmel who's in popular demand this year.
    • Next on the list is the $20,000 cosmetic surgery gift card, which would be perfect for all the Kardashians namely miss Kylie Jenner who loves a good
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  10. Creative Tee Shirt Designs

    This is the 2nd part of our exploration into the COOLEST tee shirts ever designed. The humble tee shirt originally was once considered an undergarment. The tee shirt was never supposed to be the only item of clothing a respectable gentleman or lady wore when they were out and about. With this in mind, the popularity of well designed promotional tee shirts have exploded. Here are some of the coolest designed printed tee shirts that I have come across thus far.


    1. Incorporate local culture for connection.
    2. Use humor and wit to stand out.
    3. Experiment with printing techniques.

    Cool Tee Shirt Designs

    • Exhibit number 1: This tee shirt is awesome on many levels. First of all it does not have an in your face graphic. This means that wearing this tee shirt on a daily
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