Promotional Product Specials March 2022

After some bargains at the start of Autumn? You're in luck, Cubic Promote has a couple of great discounts on some of our best-selling promotional gifts between now and March 14th 2022. Check them out below.


  1. Get discounts on promotional gifts.
  2. Offer giveaways, discounts, and sponsorships.
  3. Utilise timely, event-specific merchandise.


wine holder march discount

Autumn Promotional Gift Ideas

Personalised Acacia Wine Holders

If you have staff members returning to the office or loyal consumers that you're keen to reward, you'll love our Personalised Acacia Wine Holders. Each wine holder is manufactured from quality acacia wood and features grooves cut out to hold two wine glass stems as well as a hole in the middle to balance the device on a wine bottle. We can etch your logo or message directly into the beautiful wood of these products, making them extremely high-value personal gifts. If you use the the discount code "WINEMARCH22" when you inquire for these products you will enjoy 10% off the standard price of the Wine Holders. But hurry, this offer ends on March 14th 2022! If you don't fancy this one, we have more promotional wine bags to choose from!

coffee carrier march

Custom Printed Coffee Carriers

Give office workers, students, and coffee-lovers across the country a cheap and cheerful gift they'll appreciate this March. Cubic Promote is offering 10% off the standard price for our popular Printed Non-Woven Coffee Carrier Bags, which are like a shopping bag for coffee cups! Don't get stuck trying to carry cups with a cardboard tray, use this reusable bag instead! We print your coffee shop, corporate office, or conference details on the side so you can enjoy fantastic brand exposure every time a recipient heads out on a coffee run. Use the discount code "COFFEEMARCH22" when you contact us about these great value mini tote bags to enjoy your discount between now and March 14th 2022.

promo lip balm march

Sahara Promotional Lip Balm Balls

Finally, don't let your employees or event attendees struggle with chapped lips this autumn! Cubic Promote is offering 10% off our Sahara Promotional Lip Balm Balls using the discount code "LIPMARCH22". Available in a variety of vibrant colours, these compact custom lip balms fit easily into pockets, handbags, and backpacks with ease. The balm itself is soft and moisturising with a pleasant vanilla fragrance that will suit most lips. Best of all, these balms will come with your logo printed in 1 colour on the lid! Get your marketing message out there with these affordable custom gifts ideal for the cooler months.

If you'd like any further information on the above offers or if you'd like to learn more about any specific products, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the customer care team here at Cubic Promote.

March Merchandise Distribution Strategy

Here are some ways Aussie companies can use promotional merchandise during March:

  • Use giveaways: Ask customers to fill out surveys or visit your website to receive a promotional product as a giveaway. You can give away items such as flash drives, pens, and keychains. While these are relatively inexpensive items, they can have a significant impact on growing brand awareness.
  • Offer discounts: Consider offering discounts on products or services with the purchase of promotional merchandise. This strategy can be particularly successful when linked to specific events or promotions like International Women's Day (March 8).
  • Create event-specific merchandise: If you're having a corporate event or a trade show, consider creating event-specific products. Use backpacks, clothing, or water bottles with your logo to give to guests.
  • Sponsor a local event: Sponsor a local event and give out branded items to everyone that attends. For example, give out printed tote bags or branded water bottles at a fun run or market stall event.
  • Collaborate with charities: Many charities hold events or fundraisers in March. Consider collaborating with them by donating some of your promotional products or organising a giveaway that benefits the charity.


In conclusion, promotional merchandise can be an effective marketing tool for Aussie companies to enhance their brand and increase customer loyalty. Take advantage of events and holidays to create specific, timely merchandise and offer discounts to customers who purchase them in March. Remember that promotional products are an excellent way to engage with your customers and create real brand ambassadors.