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Bulk Branded Products for Flu Season

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While various strains of flu are active throughout the year, between April-October in Australia, the "flu season" is considered to be at its peak. Nobody wants to end up battling the flu, and certainly, no business or organisation wants to have their staff off sick. We've put together some helpful promotional products that are perfect for events or campaigns run during flu season. You'll be able to promote your brand and your recipients' wellbeing at the same time!

flu season promo products

Promotional Pocket Tissues

pocket tissue pack

When the flu strikes we need tissues, and we need them fast. Our Promotional Pocket Tissue Packs are in high demand when allergies and flu strike because they allow people to keep tissues on hand should they need to sneeze, cough, or blow their nose. We add your logo onto these packs using a full-colour label featuring your design so that your brand gets noticed while the tissues are in use.

Why Are These Great? Low cost, type of product everyone needs.
Important Tip: Always dispose of individual used tissues immediately to avoid the spread of infection.

Personalised Fleecy Hoodies

personalised hoodies flu season

Although the temperatures are still higher than usual in some parts of Australia, there's no doubt that by the time winter hits, the mornings and evenings will end up very frosty indeed. While being cold doesn't make you more likely to catch the flu, centralised heating and a lack of ventilation does. So what can you do? Ditch the artifical warmth and opt for avoiding the chill by wearing a Personalised Fleecy Hoodie or jumper instead. These items come logo decorated and make a great addition to the wardrobe of outdoor staff, so they're perfect for almost any flu season situation.

Why Are These Great? Retail-quality gift, low order quantities
Important Tip: Wash and sun-dry your winter clothing regularly so they don't become havens for flu season germs.

Logo Branded Hand Sanitisers

promotional hand sanitisers bulk

Hand sanitisers are made from materials that remove up to 99% of bacteria and germs from your hands. Commonly used in hospitals to help hinder the spread of disease, we also sell Logo Branded Hand Sanitisers in backpack or handbag ready mini tubes ideal for promotions. When the flu season is nigh most of our office team carry one of these items with them at all times to keep their hands clean after riding on public transport and similar.

Why Are These Great? Don't need to be unwell to use them, affordable in bulk.
Important Tip: Hand sanitisers can kill the flu virus, but don't forget to wash your hands with soap in warm water when possible as well.

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