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The Correct Way to Slice Pizza (According to Maths)

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It can be tough to distribute pizza evenly when you have friends over for a party. It's all well and good if they come pre-cut, but if you're doing it yourself using your handy pizza cutter, it can be a nightmare ensuring the pieces are manageable. Enter maths nerds who have worked out the correct way to slice your pizza (mathematically rather than practically speaking).

delicious sliced pizza

 Using a Pizza Cutter to Slice Mathematically

The monohedral disc tiling method involves cutting your delicious custom pizza into twelve pieces. While the name is fairly unappealing, the logic is sound, by curving your cuts you get an even distribution and enough slices for a hungry group. One of the downsides to this is that 6 of the 12 slices are in the "middle" of the pizza and don't include any crust (while the remaining slices do). Your pizza-loving pals may end up having to flip a coin to see who gets stuck with the less crunchy parts. Alternatively, you could simply curve your cut from middle to edge and make six slightly curved slices that are mathematically sound (per below).

curved slices for 12 curved pizza slices

But what is makes sense in numbers may not work in practical use, as we can see by the next diagram featuring a cascade spiral of slices that defies all known pizza cutting skills and logic. Maths can absolutely show us some great methods for distributing food evenly, but the actual application of these ideas is a little less than functional.

crazy pizza slices pizza delivery

Our advice? For the best slices of pizza ensure you insert your cutter in the middle of the pizza and work your way to the edge. Cut firmly and evenly distribute your weight (definitely a good idea to invest in a good custom pizza cutter). You might not get your slices absolutely perfect but they're bound to be more popular as triangles than as tiny little swirls! :)

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