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Fun Personalised Gifts for Dogs

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It's August the 10th which means it's time to think about giving back to our affectionate four-legged friends. National Spoil Your Dog Day is exactly what it says on the tin; a day to treat the doggos and puppers in our lives. Dogs are loyal, loving pets who give us companionship and affection without asking for much else but food and a walk in return, so why not check out a few of the gifts you can buy in bulk for beloved pooches who need a bit of pampering this National Spoil Your Dog Day.

dog friend

Buy Bulk Promotional Gifts for Australian Dogs

People absolutely love to be indulged, and the same goes for their favourite pets. Dogs enjoy new and exciting treats, especially when they can experience them with you. Cubic Promote actually stocks a range of cool promotional gifts just for dogs which are ideal for Spoil Your Dog Day as well as any marketing campaign aimed at the owners of man's best friend. Our most popular products include;

Custom Dog Leashes

dog wearing a leash

Fido needs to go for a walk, and you want to keep your beloved pooch safe (while also obeying local council rules). What do you need? Why you need a custom promotional dog leash of course! Attach the leash to the dog's harness or collar, and you can confidently walk your four-legged friend in a suburban area without safety concerns. This is one essential item that looks simply stunning with a personalised logo design.

A Doggy Drink Bottle

custom dog gift bottle

If you head out on a long walk, especially during the summer months, it's important to take a drink bottle with you to stay hydrated. But what about your dog? Particularly in warm weather, you need to be attentive to their health requirements and having a logo printed doggy drink bottle on hand is the best way to ensure your pupper doesn't wind up dehydrated while exercising. Fill up before you leave the house or use a tap on your walking route, the special cap allows for your dog to lap up water quickly and easily while you're on the move. A must own!

Stylish Custom Dog Collars

dog wearing a collar

And finally, who can beat a classic like the personalised dog collar? Ensure your dog is easy to identify and can be walked at any time by giving them a lovely custom collar. These items are affordable to produce so they're an ideal giveaway or gift product for pet-related trade shows, expos, and events.

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