If you were born in the 90s and had eyes and ear or even just one of the two, it can only be assumed that at some point during your youthful gallivants that you fell into a deep, romantic entanglement with the cultural phenomenon that was ''Pokemon'' and if you were of the adult variety during this juncture you would have inevitably had to endure or adore the towering, iconic cultural figure that was ''Pikachu''.

Pokemon First Movie Anniversary

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During the 90s the world was taken over by Japan, conduit of the cute, affable charm of the Pokemon universe, with its expansive adorable mutant animals and its driven and determined central character ''Ash'' (or "Satoshi" to Japanese viewers). To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the initial release of ''Pokemon: The First Movie'', the animated release will be shown in select cinemas across the US. When the film was first released in 1999 it was received by massive audiences, debuting at number one at the US box office and raking in a total of $10,096,848 USD on its opening day and a total of $163,644,662 worldwide over the course of its showing.

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Promotional Pokemon Toys

With all the noise going on about ''Pokemon'' it would have been crazy not to jump on the bandwagon and try to cash in on the Poke-mania that was sweeping the world and the subsequent parents bank accounts funding the hysteria. Burger King did just this by joining forces with the force that was ''Pokemon'' and releasing their own range of kids promotional toys in line with the cartoon franchise to be sold in conjunction with Burger Kings kids meals.

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With this promotional release it was found out that the joy of ''Pokemon'' could only do so much, the limitations for which were discovered with the unfortunate choking deaths of two infant children consequence of the small, choking hazards that were the ''Pokeballs'' included within Burger Kings kids meals.

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Consequently a one million dollar recall of the merchandise was conducted by Burger King which involved the airing television advertisements and warnings on take-out bags and tray-liners as well as hundreds of thousands of informative leaflets being sent out to hospitals and medical practitioners warning of the products dangers.

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