Work should not put anyone at risk of harm or injury. On the 28th of April (last Saturday), it was officially the world day for recognising the need for a safe and healthy work environment. Not only is there a human toll, but a financial toll of 4-6% of GDP in any given country attributed solely to unsafe work conditions. To recognise this day, we have discounted a range of safety promotional items to promote a safe working environment.

man wearing safety hat and reflectorised vest

Work Place Injury

Did you know that disease is the most significant contributor to work-related deaths? This may come as a surprise for some of us, but it goes to show how vital it is for employers and employees alike to take measures in ensuring proper hygiene protocols are observed at all times.

Physical accidents also remain a concern, with slip-and-fall, trips or falls being the leading cases. Injured workers could suffer long-term pain or even become permanently disabled. Therefore it's essential not only for people working physically but also those who have jobs behind their desks - each job holds unique risks.

Products that can Aid in Work Safety

At Cubic Promote we have always carried a range of products that are specifically targeted to workplaces to make them safer. To prevent accidents, a variety of visibility products is essential. Some of the visibility products we have to include:

  • Custom safety clothing for visibility day and night
  • Reflective Armbands to aid visibility when out and about at night (these double well as armbands for jogging when it is dark)

For office workers like myself, keeping an indoor work environment safe, germ-free and clean is essential. Such products like:

Other safety-related products we have to include:

  • whistles to attract emergency attention
  • Safety hammers to safely break glass in an emergency (handy for those whose work includes driving vehicles)

What to Do on World Safety Day?

One way businesses can promote continuous safety culture within their workplace is through promotional products geared towards Work Health & Safety (WHS). At Cubic Promote, we offer customized products designed specifically for WHS promotion activities such as safety clothing which enhances visibility during daytime activities while still visible at nighttime activities.

For office-based employees looking to sustain germ-free surfaces on desks whilst enhancing overall cleanliness microfiber cloths would make an excellent addition placed along hand sanitizers serving communal areas such as break rooms or alongside copiers making accessible display zones fuss-free and practical.

Not forgetting non-office premises like production-oriented plants where potential industrial-type injuries could occur, safety tools like whistles to attract emergency attention or hammers needed to break glass could prove handy too.


In conclusion, it’s important that we take every step possible as individuals and communities promoting a culture of care for each other's well-being. So let's not only recognize World Safety Day but make sure that prevention strategies geared towards creating safer work environments continue throughout the year.