We've repeatedly looked at overseas promotional merchandise drops from big names like McDonald's and Whataburger, but Aussie chain restaurants have been a bit slower on the take when it comes to unique swag launches. Well, until now anyway! Local takeaway franchise Red Rooster has decided to make fast food capsule drops a feature of the Aussie marketing landscape too and we are here for it!

red rooster promo photo

Branded Merchandise for Australians

2021 has been a big year for local chicken chain, Red Rooster, with the launch of an all-over rebrand for the business along with their first foray into fried chicken. This week saw the brand take it to a whole new level with the launch of their "Reds Shop" range of logo swag just in time for summer. While we weren't involved in this promotion at all, we can't help but take our hats off to the minds behind this collection -- it's everything we've wanted to see from a local restaurant chain looking to make a mark using promo merchandise!

logo bucket hat red rooster red rooster shirt and branded bottle

What Products Leave an Impression?

Part of what makes Red Rooster's new collection of branded merchandise so special in the context of the local market is its emphasis on a casual, street wear look that elevates the products from standard promo items to the level of proper fashion capsule goods. While the new "RR" logo is extremely prominent on all the goodies, it is employed simply and with emphasis on a clean, modern appearance for all the items. Some of the more eye-catching goodies include:

As mentioned above, these are fairly common pieces of marketing merchandise for restaurant chains, but it's the way Red Rooster has made their branding so clear and relevant to the current trend of fast food fashion that makes them so darn good. You can easily picture chicken fans donning stylish apparel featuring the new Red Rooster logo and heading to the beach this summer.

While we weren't involved in this capsule drop, we do similar work for companies and events Australia-wide. Speak to the friendly team here at Cubic Promote for more information about putting your best foot forward when it comes to summer swag drops!

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