February is National Snack Food Month and while we often associate snack foods with confectionery and chips, in reality almost any kind of food in the right quantity can be considered a snack. Here at Cubic Promote, we have a range of tasty treats available, with your custom branding, for events like trade shows, conferences, and expos. Check out our favourite selection (tried and true!) below.

promotional snack food top picks

Promotional Savoury Snack Faves

If you're old enough you might remember the bad old days when the only savoury snack you'd get at conferences or conventions would be salted peanuts. Nowadays there are lots of savoury treats ideal for school, businesses, and community groups. The Cubic team recommends Bulk Promotional Buttered Popcorn packs, available in various sizes, that come with your custom logo label on them. Serve up a delicious savoury treat your recipients will enjoy when you provide yummy popcorn to your event attendees, just like at the movies!

yummy bulk jelly beans custom

Best-Selling Branded Lollies

Savoury snacks might be gaining popularity, but you can't beat a pack of lollies at an event opening, an O-week, or a marketing launch. Overwhelmingly our most popular candies are our range of Corporate Branded Jelly Beans. Whether you want colourful beans in plastic packs, recyclable cardboard, or glass jars, Cubic Promote can provide the packaging of your choice with custom logo branding. We also stock a range of jelly beans made in Australia so you can be confident in not only their taste but their quality. Jelly beans can also come in your preferred colour combinations making them the pick when it comes to colourful corporate treats!

yummy promo chocolate box

Choice Customised Chocolates

Finally, how could we forget customised chocolates? Chocolates can add an upmarket touch to your motel pillow or conference seat, but also add a splash of colour to a party or school function. There are so many different types of chocolates available you're bound to find a style that suits you here at Cubic Promote. Some chocolates we can decorate directly and others come in tailored, logo-decorated packaging. What's our staff pick when it comes to promotional choccies? Definitely our Business Card Choc Goodie Box that lets you slip your unique business card into a hand-out box of choc beans or M&M's, allowing you to associate what you do with a satisfying snack!

What's your favourite treat from the Cubic Promote range? Let us know via social media today!


National Snack Food Month details from here: https://nationaltoday.com/national-snack-food-month/