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3 Personalised Magic Mugs You'll Love

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Mugs make great promotional products because they're daily use items. Most days if you don't get up and have a cup of tea or coffee with breakfast, you'll likely have one by morning tea time. Because promotional mugs are used so frequently, they're popular items to customise with unique designs that help reflect your personality, interests, or business. Custom designs are what make the following mugs so special!

magic mug box

Custom Printed Mugs That Change Design

Promotional colour change mugs (or "magic mugs") are mugs that have one design printed on the other. The design printed on top (always black) will disappear when hot liquid is added to the mug. The effect is spectacular when applied to thoughtful designs, be they logos or illustrations. Below are three of our favourites from across the net that provides great inspiration for those considering colour change mugs for personal or marketing use!

magic mug bear magic mug panda

3) Branded Bear Mug That "Wakes Up"

What starts as a sleepy black bear quickly awakens into an alert panda bear when you add hot water to the customised mug. These sorts of "waking up" mugs are very popular with people everywhere in Australia because they perfectly illustrate how coffee and tea can have an awakening effect on drinkers! We love how happy the wake panda looks.

printed magic mug got

2) Game of Thrones Promotional Mugs

These mugs are the perfect accessory for Game of Thrones fans. Each mug starts off with the Stark logo/sigil against a black background with the white (representative of winter snow) appearing only when a hot drink is added. In case you didn't get the message, "Winter is Coming" also reveals itself as a text logo on the opposite side of the mug. A great item to keep you entertained until 2019 and the final season, we guess.

printed magic mug heart

1) Extra Life Video Game Decorated Mugs

There's nothing worse than getting down to your last few pixels of energy. If you're an old-school gamer, you'll appreciate these quirky colour change mugs that start off low on energy (and close to "dying") before slowly revealing a full red heart of energy once your hot beverage is added. Sometimes simple is best and we love how direct and effective these mugs are using only a minimalist design.

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