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Australian Custom Microfibre Cloths

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Microfibre cloths are some of the most popular items we sell these days, owing primarily to just how many screens we have in our lives in need of a good clean. They're also very easy items to personalise in full colour, as the sublimation process means we can decorate all over one whole side of the cloth. But would it surprise you to learn that our most popular phone cloths are decorated right here in Australia?

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Locally Produced Promotional Cloths

While it is cheap and easy to produce microfibre cloths overseas, to get truly high-quality, refined 200gsm microfibre cloths cut perfectly and branded digitally you need to look at local options. Our Melbourne-based factory produces durable and appealing promotional microfibre cloths to order in large, bulk quantities.

Why Choose Australian Decorated?

It is important to support local businesses, Aussies supporting other Aussies is how we keep manufacturing and production jobs in Australia! But more than that, the care that is taken by our local team is second-to-none. If you want quality microfibre cloths cut and branded to retail level perfection, then you want to buy from an Australian supplier with high standards. Not to mention that because we brand all these cloths locally, we can provide fast delivery times around Australia -- no need to wait for slow overseas shipments!

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Who Orders Phone and Computer Wipes?

Any industry where people use phones/computers or wear glasses regularly orders these custom branded items from Cubic Promote. A lot of banking and finance industry organisations like to hand microfibre cloths out as gifts with appointments, while universities often include them in O-week gift bags. We can also provide large versions of these cloths, up to tea towel size, for custom gifts or event prizes.

Cheap and Printed in Full Colour

One of the things that really helps make these clothes a roaring success is the fact that they're cheap to produce and they come with full-colour, photographic decoration of your design. They're also thin and light enough to use in a mail-out campaign with incurring extra weight charges! So what are you waiting for? Contact our friendly sales team today for more information on these nifty Aussie branded items.

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