We've said it before and we'll say it again, McDonald's is on the cutting edge of using branded merchandise to expand its reach beyond its restaurant doors. We've seen some stellar artist collaborations from Maccas in 2021 but they've decided to go one further by working with retailer Boxlunch to create some fashionable new swag for everyday purchase in the US. Learn more about this new partnership and its related merchandise below.

maccas box lunch logo branded swag

Logo Branded Swag That Gets Noticed

Boxlunch aren't new to the world of collaboration, having produced merchandise for big names like Disney, Harry Potter, Rick & Morty, and a variety of anime series (like Demon Slayer and Sailor Moon) in the past. In fact, while there's some original designs in their store, Boxlunch is probably better known for selling these pieces of co-branded swag. Now McDonald's has joined with the retailer to add its own unique merchandise to a growing list of fun, retro-inspired products in the Boxlunch range. What is important to note is that, although the items being sold feature heavy McDonald's branding, they slot neatly in alongside existing Marvel branded t-shirts and Harry Potter logo backpacks.

fries logo branded socks  lovin it logo sweater

Keeping the Target Market in Mind

Unlike the general McDonald's webstore, which focuses on a broad range of merchandise for all ages, the Boxlunch range of promotional items is targeted at Boxlunch's normal customer base; young people. By focusing on what those in their teens and early twenties appreciate in branding and fashion, McDonald's and Boxlunch have made Maccas merchandise that is perfect for youthful purchasers. What this means in practice a mix of funky retro-looking custom bags and some diverse logo printed sweaters and custom tees, all featuring McDonald's branding that puts a keen modern spin on older designs (like those of Ronald McDonald and the old "I'm lovin' it" slogan).

mcdonalds backpack and shirt mcdonalds logo cap

Things to Keep in Mind

While obviously a collaboration of this size isn't possible for all businesses, there are lessons from this smart brand collaboration that can be applied no matter what you do. If you know the type of recipient/client you're trying to appeal to you can create merchandise that really speaks to them. The designs we see in this range work for the intended customers because they draw on nostalgic iconography and blend it with simple, modern, and stylish items.

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Details first spotted here: https://www.nrn.com/quick-service/mcdonald-s-unveils-new-line-fan-merchandise