Cursive writing is in danger of being a long lost art form. Most modern kinds of writing are done via real and virtual keyboards. Our monitors and our mobile phones do the bulk of the writing. When it comes to writing on paper though, much of the writing I notice from friends and colleagues look like a combination of running cursive writing and block letters. I believe cursive writing needs to be brought back, and I have some compelling reasons why this should be the case.

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The popularity of Promotional Pens

After all these years working in the promotional items industry, promotional pens are still the number one selling product by sheer volume. The second most popular product is the promotional notebooks. Notice a theme here? Yes, writing on paper is becoming more popular.

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Why Write Cursive?

Although writing is coming back, the cursive writing style may not necessarily be coming back. But what is cursive writing? Cursive writing is when your pen does not leave the paper until each word is completed. In the process, each word is characterised by strong loopy continuous lines. It is quite elegant visually.

Here is why I think cursive writing needs to be more popular:

1) The more you write, the more you want to write. Cursive writing promotes this feeling and as a result, better grammar too and more ideas.

2) When done correctly, cursive writing is fast. After all, if you are forced to never leave your pen from the paper, except to start a new word, it means that you will get faster overall speed.

3) The art of cursive writing has been shown to help people memorise concepts and information more easily.

4) Do you find it hard to do small details with your hands? Then cursive writing can help you develop fine, motor skills in your fingers and hands.

Have I convinced you yet? Writing is getting more and more popular (based on our sales of promotional pens and notebooks) and using cursive writing will give you many many benefits, over random scribbling.

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