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Chili's is one of the best-known casual dining restaurant chains in the USA and once upon a time there were restaurants here in Australia (though they closed over a decade ago). Despite their popularity in the US, it has taken a while for the brand to jump on board the branded merchandise train but with the opening of their new merch-only website, it looks like Chili's promotional swag is here to stay.

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Custom Apparel and Other Gifts

What makes the new range of Chili's branded swag so fun is that it combines the iconic chilli from their classic logo with some retro typography logos and new pattern designs. It means that you're not just getting what'd you expect from this range, you're getting some colourful new goodies as well. Included in the range are some of our favourite classic promotional products:

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Why Choose Branded Items Like This?

While none of the above products are unique enough to go viral based on what they are alone, it is important for a business looking to get into branded merchandise to have a range of standard, reliable goods that will always work well for their customers. It is only when a business, even a big one like Chili's, gets these basics right that they can start adding limited edition goodies to jazz things up. After all, t-shirts and hoodies don't go out of style, whereas novelty items don't tend to stick around too long. If you're looking to get into branded merchandise for your restaurant, supermarket, or any other type of business then take a leaf outof the Chili's book and begin with simple, high quality items featuring custom decoration your audience will appreciate seeing. 

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Promotional swag is not just a passing fad; it really works to build up your brand and keep those customers coming back for more. Just take a look at Chili's branded swag! And with all sorts of cool stuff out there (from t-shirts to drink bottles, you name it), the possibilities are endless.

But here's the don't have to do this alone! Cubic Promote is a pro at helping businesses create custom merchandise that hits all the right notes. We know what kinds of items work best across different industries, and we can help you find that perfect mix of products that aligns with what you're all about as a business and excites your customers.

So come on, take the leap into awesomeness and let Cubic Promote help guide the way. We can help you find the products of your dreams, or just discuss that Chili's episode of The Office (either way).

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