Products With Branding on Them

Corporate gifts and promotional products are used to boost brand visibility and build customer relationships in almost every industry. So whether you're in the busy world of finance, guiding students in education, or dazzling your event attendees at a concert or trade show, custom merchandise is a great way to leave your recipients thinking positively about your organisation.

Homer Simpson thinking positively about beer
Thinking positively.

Because of the popularity of custom-printed swag, however, we get a lot of clients wanting to know the best way to stand out, to take their gifts to a level well beyond the everyday. So here are some tips direct from the Cubic Promote team that should have your promo gifts making a mark in no time.

Useful Products Make a Difference

You could have the best personalised gift in the world, but if your recipient has no use for the item, they're unlikely to keep it or even remember it in time. That's why we recommend considering the functionality of the promo products you order from us and how they will benefit your intended recipients. For example, if your event is outdoors during January in Australia, a custom hat or bottle of sunscreen will be more useful to your recipients than a pair of slippers or a jumper.


You could pick the best jumper in the world, but at the end of the day, if it's not useful in the short term, then your recipients aren't likely to remember it, let alone remember it with positive associations to your brand. Whereas something simple like a bag of M&M's or a bottle of water that's there and accessible when your recipients are hungry or thirst will provide that positive link immediately for your brand.

Try Classic Items With a Twist

Everyone has seen a white cardboard business card which means they're a bit played out; however, that doesn't mean business cards are pointless -- in fact, business cards are still one of the most popular ways to exchange details even in the digital age. So if you need business cards, why not consider changing things up a bit? Try a transparent plastic business card to help turn heads or colourful foiling on a white backdrop to stand out from the crowd.

man wearing a white t-shirt


Of course, the same principle applies to all the classic promotional gifts Aussies have loved for decades, be it custom printed t-shirts (try one of our promotional sustainable t-shirts, which are made from eco-conscious materials) or metal drink bottles (copper insulation, anyone?). Speak to your account manager for ideas about putting a modern spin on the classics so your business can stand out from the crowd!

Engage a Professional Designer for your Artwork

Because your logo and graphics are how potential customers perceive your message or brand, your designs must look exceptional and keep to a coherent set of brand guidelines. We strongly recommend working with a professional designer to achieve a logo that will become synonymous with your brand or a limited edition graphic that will become a collector's edition for those keen on event swag. You can work externally with a designer you source yourself, or you can hit up the graphic design team at Cubic Promote for cost-effective brand design that looks incredible as part of your promotional product order. Invest in your organisation's image with quality graphics that match your quality services or products.

Speak to Cubic Promote Today

No matter what your brand goal is, Cubic Promote has a promotional gift to suit your needs. So if you're ready to get your marketing on track for 2023, give our friendly customer care team a call today for further guidance based on our years of experience.