Sometimes it feels like all around us things are becoming increasingly complicated be it products themselves or branding designs. The same can't be said for the daring -and eye-catching- branded merchandise created for eyewear company, Andy Wolf. Check out how simple is the new daring below.

branded backsacks simple

Minimalist Logo Printing on Promotional Items

When the Andy Wolf company wanted a new brand identity, they asked the Von K organisation to put together a revision that combines the idea of casual and high-street fashion in one ultra-simple, eye-catching marketing pack. The result is a straightforward black-on-white theme with a custom serif font highlighted by a cheeky comma after "Andy Wolf." You might wonder how a basic set of promotional backsacks could ever be described as eye-catching, but the sheer audacious simplicity (seen below) makes it stand apart.

branded backsacks black and white

This same minimalist approach is taken with the brand's new promotional business cards which feature no bells and whistles, just necessary contact information in black on a sparse white card. Against a sea of colourful cards, these simple items are bound to stand out.

promotional business cards

The company even embraces this approach with its less traditional giveaway items, like its customised sweat headband that maintains the minimal black and white look seen on the other items - this time using embroidery. The results make you look twice, wanting to see what kind of brand is so confident in what they do that they don't need any colourful add-ons.

promotional headband embroidery

While undoubtedly this ultra-bare look won't work for every business or organisation looking to invest in promotional items, it does make you consider how colour is used in your own branding and how perhaps less is more sometimes.

Why Choose Simple Products & Designs?

Simple promotional products are a great choice for brand visibility as they’re relatively inexpensive, easy to give away, and customers love them! The easiest way to get started is with straightforward items like bags, business cards or sweat bands. It's cost effective because you don't need anything too elaborate. Plus it will help create an impression of your product by reaching out directly to potential customers. Having direct contact with people through gifts works even better than any public advertisement campaign when it comes to boosting brand awareness in the long run. Simple designs also offer a clarity of message that can't be replicated by complexity, plus simple everyday products appeal to different types of people - everyone can use a bag! So if you want maximum impact on minimum budget then company gift ideas such as custom accessories should be your first port of call when thinking about how best to promote your business and establish yourself within the market..


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