May has brought a cool seasonal change to much of the country and with that change comes an exciting shift in the popularity of different promotional products. Check out three branded merchandise superstars making an annual comeback into the hearts and minds of marketing departments everywhere!

Top Promotional Products for May

3) Logo Branded Beanies

logo branded beanies for may

Once the weather starts cooling down caps and hats, start being replaced by beanies, which means May is the perfect time to invest in some classic beanies for your team. Promotional beanies look amazing with logo embroidery and will attract attention no matter where they're worn making them a great option for seasonal headwear to promote your organisation.

2) Suburban Logo Thermal Coffee Cups

suburban logo coffee cups

When the air gets cold, the drinks get hot, and your drinks will stay warmer for longer with our Suburban Logo Thermal Coffee Cups! What sets these cups apart from the rest, and makes them so popular this time of year, is that they're double walled and provide major insulation to ensure your drinks don't turn ice cold regardless of the weather outside. They also look incredible with an etched logo on the side to promote your coffee shop, corporate office, or university campus.

1) Aloe Vera Branded Hand Sanitisers

Aloe Vera Branded Hand Sanitisers

The flu season is well and truly underway, and a great way to avoid catching the dreaded bug is to ensure your hands are germ-free, particularly after using shared spaces such as public transport. Our Aloe Vera Branded Hand Sanitisers not only kill bacteria/viruses/germs but they have a dash of added aloe vera to help your skin keep hydrated during the cold, dry months of the year. Perfect for the medical industry, conferences/expos, or any organisation that wants to dodge the flu in 2019!