When you think of beautiful aromatic candles you probably don't think of tinned soup, but that's exactly the cross-over at play in the Campbell's Soup x Camp promotion that launched recently in the US. Camp provide family-oriented toy shopping experiences and given how chilly it is in the northern hemisphere right now, teaming up with a popular family soup brand is actually quite an appropriate partnership.

campbells camp branded soup candle

Branded Candles as Unique Gifts

Although we don't have the Camp toy shop & experience brand here in Australia, we are definitely familiar with Campbell's Soup and their iconic red and white labels. So seeing that Camp and Campbell's decided to produce limited edition candles in tins just like the famous soup really caught our eye! The brand collaboration features two custom scented candles based on best-selling soup flavours from the Campbell's range (Tomato soup and grilled cheese & Chicken noodle soup) as well as free downloadable "winter warm up" guides for families that need to entertain kids indoors during the chilly North American winter.

family interacting with campbell's soup candles

Getting Noticed With Marketing Merchandise

Novelty candles are becoming popular options for unique marketing merchandise in the US and we'd love to see more logo branded candles take off here in Australia. The Campbell's x Camp Limited Edition Candles sold out almost immediately because of their sheer novelty factor and the warmth, familiarity, and humour that each candle encapsulates in its look and branding is part of that.

While we haven't been involved in the production of these particular items, here at Cubic Promote we are very familiar with designing and making custom candles. Aussies love a customised candle as a gift so if you're thinking of a unique way to reach out to staff or clients, this might be the inspiration you need. Have a chat with our customer care team for more information on bulk branded candles today!

Info and images from here: https://camp.com/campbells