Whether you're thinking of the popular old-school magazine or the unmissable TV network, National Geographic is a brand that immediately conjures up thoughts of the great outdoors and exciting adventures. It makes sense, then, that they have teamed up with notebook experts, Moleskine, to great custom decorated journals for travel fans!

nat geo branded journal

Personalised Moleskine Notebooks

Moleskine is synonymous with quality journals and notepaper which is why Classic Promotional Moleskine Notebooks are some of the most popular custom books we sell here at Cubic Promote. National Geographic, having such a long-established brand couldn't team up with just any old notebook supplier. Moleskine has history and consumer satisfaction behind it that perfectly aligns with National Geographic's audience too. Did you know that Oscar Wilde and Vincent van Gogh used Moleskine notebooks? Talk about being popular with culture's movers-and-shakers!

inside nat geo moleskine journal moleskine national geographic logo

What Makes a Successful Journal Collaboration?

The National Geographic x Moleskine Traveller's Journal is a tailored notebook that features Nat Geo's famous yellow branding colours on the stylish, modern black of a Moleskine journal. Not only do these logo branded Moleskine notebooks come in a tailored slipcase, but their interiors are brimming with decoration limited to this collaboration such as themed stickers and a border insert. The overall impact is stunning, making these notebooks truly unique items ideal for fans of either collaborator. To top it all off US purchasers also get a 12-month digital National Geographic magazine subscription which is amazing value -- talk about knowing what your audience wants!

moleskine on table woman holding pocket notebook

Marketing Inspiration

It's all well and good that two established brands have combined forces to produce a limited edition item for their target consumers, how does this help the rest of us? Well, there's a lot of inspiration to be had here, not just in the smart use of colours or design either. Custom notebooks make excellent gifts for all sorts of industries and a premium notebook can really set you apart when it comes to the corporate gift stakes.

Moleskine notebooks can be decorated with your business logo too, they're not just for Nat Geo or famous artists. You can capitalise on their link to these names and have Cubic Promote at your decoration to a bulk order of notebooks. Speak with our friendly sales team for information on pricing and branding requirements & you too can distribute premium gifts to your event attendees, staff, or valued customers.


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